Find Our Malt

You can find our malt being used at any of the fine breweries listed below. All of the breweries listed below take pride and care in where they get their malt from. They want to get the very best quality from a local source.

We at 3D Malt are super proud to be able to supply local malt barely to these great breweries.

Since 2010 the Norsemen Brewing Co. has been hand crafting small batch beer in Camrose.

All the beers are produced with locally grown and sourced ingredients, brewed in-house, and served fresh throughout the Norsemen Inn and a hand full of local bars and restaurants.

Beer is about the ingredients. All you need is malt, water, hops and yeast. Put them together in the right way and you have something fantastic. Simple. Pure. Good. Beer.

That is what BRB is all about: quality ingredients and an attention to detail.

We are excited to introduce cold lake’s first craft brewery. While continuing to support our neighbours by using local ingredients, we strive to produce quality, delicious beer. With multiple mainstay flavours including a cold lake lager, citrus IPA and a Canadian pale ale, we also have a variety of seasonal brews as well.


The Winning Wines Plus has long been a staple in the Edmonton small-business community, with over thirty five years of experience in the home wine and beer making industry. While starting small, they’ve grown their company into a successful specialty retailer, selling the best possible wine and beer making products, at very affordable prices

Lakeland Brewing Company is a brewer from St. Paul, Alberta. They specialize in Small Batch Craft Beer that is produced on site with detail towards taste and quality. The staff are known for being informative, friendly, and delivering a product they are proud to stand behind.

High Country Brewery

Analog Brewing

Goodridge & Williams